Ubuntu updating wine

04-Nov-2017 06:00

If you have purchased modules on Steam, take some screenshots of your Steam Library as well as from your order confirmations and send it to the support email address of Fantasy Grounds, asking to add those products to your account. Does it run fairly well still on that machine once you've gotten configured?

Also, I thought it was against the laws of the universe to complete that many steps on Linux and not use a terminal screen for at least 1 or 2 steps.

For some reason, even adding the Wine repository, the system cannot find the wine-stable packet, only the wine-devel and wine-staging (development and bleeding-edge packets, respectively).

------------------------------------------------- 2. Configuring Wine Here, we will be configuring Wine so we can install Fantasy Grounds.

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FG relies on the Steam background service to work with it, but this service do not run in a Wine install.Since Fantasy Grounds is a 32-bit application, we will create a 32-bit prefix, using the following command: The first time you do that in your machine, some new windows will pop-up asking to install mono and a bunch of other things required to Wine work properly.Accept them all and wait a bit until they are installed.Dice animations are pretty low FPS, but for somebody running a 7YO laptop you take what you can get.

I tested the default test campaigns and all was well enough.

Update Ubuntu - Run the prescribed updates in Software Updater - Reboot Fantasy Grounds Installer Download - open Firefox on the Ubuntu system and go to fantasygrounds.com/downloads/ - Download the Demo version of Fantasy Grounds (the Linux link just takes you to this forum post!