Turned out sexual assualt behind bars online

03-Dec-2017 23:32

This was insanely graphic, detailed, and life scarring.I wish that I never even viewed it, but I want to take this opportunity to mess some of you up like how this documentary did to me.This video is a shocking but insightful expose of the taboo subject of homosexual rape and homosexual relations in prison.

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A few months later, the woman went back for another visit for the same issue.Sandoval quickly stopped assaulting the woman and zipped his pants up and left the room when a nurse began knocking on the door, the affidavit states."(The woman) stated that she was shocked of what had just happened and put her clothes back on," the affidavit reads. Sandoval nor a nurse came back into the room, so she left." In an earlier visit, Sandoval also said he would conduct a breast exam, but instead fondled her breasts, "telling her that she had a nice body and body of a young woman," according to the affidavit.This **** had the victims and the victimizers giving detailed accounts of what happened. It broke down what muh****as do to get raped in the first place.

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BG said it on his Checkmate album that muh****as go to jail and don't really be getting raped, they be getting "talked out they ass." There are examples of men in these videos being scared to die and choosing to live as "boys" getting passed around for cigarettes and noodles like muh****as did in that Tom Selleck movie "An Innocent Man." That movie messed me up when I seen it back in the 90's, seeing that white boy getting lifted off the ground and passed around by that crowd of dudes.

This documentary is that times 100, even though it's all accounts by those who were involved rather than reenactments.

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