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This year though I’m planning on going to Scandinavia for the summer. I had a friend go there last year who said it was pretty awesome. When we get back to the parking lot, I walk her to her car with the plan of a hug to end things.

B: You find one thing in common and start talking about it, and then it’s over. I’m hoping to get a job in the Middle East or somewhere overseas, you know in a couple of years, for whatever, something temporary. B: Yeah, the last couple of years I haven’t really been, I’ve been busy working, but before that I’ve been to Europe a couple of times, Australia, and some of the States. I was pretty young then though, so it was different. She is also pretty, active and intelligent, and I feel some decent chemistry.

The setup is girls sitting at tables, and guys rotating from girl to girl when the bell rings. To recap on my first speed dating experience, I ended up getting dates with 3 different girls out of it, with two of the girls being ones I would potentially have continued dating if they were interested.

There are a lot of people already there, and predictably the girls are already sitting in groups at the tables, while the guys are all milling around in a somewhat awkward clump. This is where a black shirt definitely has the advantage over the bright blue one I have chosen for the night. We grab our name-tags and make semi-awkward chit-chat with our soon-to-be competition. B: I was out there about 3 years ago, yeah I went to Santorini and Athens and it was pretty cool. I also learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and gained some valuable dating experience. Saturday June 30, 2012 – Speed dating event #2 I decide to sign up for a “Speed Dating with Style” event, for Women 22-32 (men 25-35), held at Social Modern Pub. After the issue with being smelly last time, I decide to forgo shaving my armpits this time around, although I make sure they are decently trimmed.

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At first I scoff at him, but then I think back to how I used to scoff at Online Dating. G: I work for Dow Chemicals B: Oh yeah, OK, so Dow Chemicals, so we’re kind of neighbours then. There is some decent banter, and she repeats that she really had a lot of fun on our date, so I am feeling optimistic about things. However long it takes, I finally manage to overcome my phone anxiety and give her a call.