Dreaming about dating a celebrity

28-Dec-2017 07:44

Ryan Gosling: To dream of Gosling is a message that you have become overbearing in your nature and that friends conspire against you.

Black days will cover you like thunderclouds and you will feel despair and self-loathing.

However, if she is reviving a drunk person on a lawn, you are destined to pass by a Sorority house in which in the window are visible several young women in their undergarments.

Bill Clinton: To dream of Bill Clinton smoking a cigar is a warning against possible infection.

John Travolta: The Travolta dream is very complex, and must be carefully parsed.

If someone asked why like those publications so much, would you even KNOW?

If she is seen with arrow and bow then it is a sign that your ambitions will be rewarded and soon your parents will perish.

If she is naked and blue of skin, then it is a warning to be discreet with your viewing materials for enemies seek to uncover your secrets.

To see the Travolta with a baby augurs a sure miscarriage if the dreamer is female and erectile problems if conjured by a man.

If the Travolta is dressed in black, as he was in Pulp Fiction, then a death in the family is imminent.Chances are, of course, but one would be hesitant to admit dreaming of living a fantactic lifestyle like they do and even celebrity dating.

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