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10-Sep-2017 19:23

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Well we went in to the strip club and found a table and ordered some drinks, the place was very full and all 5 stages were going. As the night progressed things got louder and rowdier at the club...

Caroline and i talked a lot about the girls, several of them she found very hot..she loved it when they set the bar on fire and there were 5 girls up on it dancing with the flames behind them.

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Caroline was very turned on from having the girl looking way up her turns out she had spotted the guy at the table beside us looking..with her skirt lifted way up he got an eyefull!

I have been to a few strip clubs and never had experienced this wild of an atmosphere, nor this great of a time, and I loved watching her watch the girls and the horny guys, and loved watching all the guys around (esp the one right by us who was treated to the look up Caroline's skirt) scoping her out even though they were surrounded by gourgeous naked girls..sooner or later it had to end and we headed home around am..we walked out of the club I asked her if she had had a good time and she said "it was great!

I loved it but I am very wet...although not for the reason you would think..least not only for that reason!

Caroline says she is planning only to kiss, stroke, and then blow him this first time...waiting until she sees how we both feel about this before actually fucking him, however we will have condoms on hand for them just in case things get carried away. Email # 2 - Well my friend "Jason", Caroline and I all went out to eat at a local brew a very cool place that has 4 bars and 2 restaurants in it.

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Caroline had on a short tight fabric skirt, a nice low cropped blouse and was wearing thong underwear allowing me a great target for grab ass all night which I took advantage of.She has privately fantasized about him since she remet him through me after we began dating, and has openly told me about her fantasy for about a year.